Why do in early NBA games only inexpensive players play and in the late games the expensive ones?

  1. The early games in the NBA usually have only a hand full of good players on the field and the late games got all the good players. Why is that? Doesnt every game count? What about the preseason? Do those games count?
    Thanks experts.

    Answer by brother_lu
    preseason is like real life practice. its to practice against real opponents and figure out which players will stay on the roster and also who might be a starter. no the early games dont count, but they are still very important to the teams, they dont want to risk their stars getting hurt, so you only see them for a few minutes in preseason games

  2. The games can be old or new it dose not matter. Please list all the games that you know are good.

    Answer by gravity
    01 Legend of Zelda
    02 Harvest Moon: Melody
    03 Super Smash Bros. Melee
    04 Resident Evil 4


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    05 Tales of Symphonia
    06 Fire Emblem: Radiance
    07 Sonic Riders
    08 Paper Mario
    09 Phantasy Star Online
    10 Shadow the Hedgehog
    11 Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes

    All of these are gr8 but if you want the tactical espionage action go mgs:tts. It is an excellent game with a gripping story line. All of these games are the most popular right now. Pick one of em up.

  3. I want to know the games only for Xbox 360 and the games for ps3 only. Please make sure your answers are right. I want to know which system has more games. Only exclusive games for ps3 and xbox 360 not games that can be played on both.

    Answer by Kristian
    The only exlusives for Xbox 360 I know is Halo and GTA IVs expansions.

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